Whether you’re looking for a few first aid or safety items for your home or your company’s needs, want a new cabinet, or are trying to meet the OSHA/ANSI Standard, ABC is here to help you. The idea for ABC First Aid Supplies came about when we found out how outrageously expensive the BIG full-service first aid and safety service providers are. We thought that there should be a better way to provide businesses with top-quality, OSHA/ANSI compliant first aid and safety products without the pushy sales reps and high costs.

Our staff has decades of customer service experience. Our approach is straightforward-- we provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision based on your company's needs. The ANSI list (you can view/print here) for workplace first aid cabinets should be your company's priority for it's first aid program. Being ANSI compliant will ensure that you have the minimum required items for workplace injuries and may minimize potential liabilities or fines due to an OSHA inspection.

We offer you a variety of OSHA/ANSI compliant first aid products that meet or exceed the ANSI Specifications, at a small fraction of the cost that full-service first aid service providers charge. We also have a great selection of the most popular optional first aid items that many companies provide for their employees. If your company maintains it's own first aid supplies, or if you are tired of paying too much to a full-service service provider, give ABC a try. You'll be glad that you did! ABC has outstanding products and the best overall pricing on the internet. We're also here to help you with any questions that you may have regarding workplace first aid and safety. 


We are located in the U.S.A. and ship out of California.