Lens Cleaning Wipes - 100 Per Box  $9.30!

Lens Cleaning Wipes - 100 Per Box $9.30!




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Lens Cleaning Wipes - 100 Per Box

Safetec Lens Cleaner Wipes are ideal for on-the-spot use at work and are sized to fit in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment.

  • Wipes help workers meet OSHA safety equipment care guidelines.
  • The streak-free formula dries instantly.
  • The anti-static formula helps reduce the buildup of lint and dust.
  • The anti-fog formula repels moisture to help provide a clearer vision.

Lens Cleaner wipes allow for faster streak-free drying time, resulting in a crystal clear finish every time. The wipes are pre-moistened lens tissues and are anti-static, anti-fog, and silicone-free. For use on eyewear, safety glasses, computer screens, keyboards, phones, CDs, DVDs, and other glass or plastic items.

**Packaging may vary depending on availability from our supplier**