WoundSeal Powder + Applicator - 2 Applications

WoundSeal Powder + Applicator - 2 Applications




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WoundSeal Powder + Applicator - 2 Applications

Bleeding injuries cost more than you think. WoundSeal helps workers get back to work quickly, reducing employee downtime. Wound Seal can help minimize unnecessary trips to the ER and help reduce OSHA-reportable events.

A proven advancement over traditional First Aid products, WoundSeal’s powder technology combines a Hydrophilic Polymer and Potassium Ferrate to stop bleeding in seconds by creating an instant scab (or seal) when combined with the wound’s own blood. The instant scab seals the wound, which stops the bleeding and provides a barrier over and around the wound. Can be used for nosebleeds, head wounds, and other hard-to-reach wounds.


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